A family story

Since 1714

"the saving of time and effort is always at the expenses of quality”



Our story begins in 1714, when Stefano Aggazzotti moves to the «Ca ‘Bella» estate in Colombaro, a village in the countryside south of Modena. The link with Colombaro village endured all this time and our Acetaie are still there.

The Aggazzotti family was by tradition one of entrepreneurs, intellectuals and militaries, which actively participated to the events of their time, from the Napoleonic Wars to the Italian Risorgimento.

But the main element of the family’s character has always been the love and the care for the soil and its fruits, like wines and liquors, and, above all, the balsamic vinegars of Modena



Francesco Aggazzotti was born on 18 January 1811. He was a lawyer and a civil servant in the recently unified Italian state.

Francesco dedicated  most if his bright intellect to the study of the local agriculture and transformation. He wrote some of the first treaties on the typical wines and vinegars of Modena.



March the 2nd, 1862: in a letter addresses the friend Pio Fabriani, Francesco illustrates, step by step and not sparing details, how to make the Aceto Balsamico di Modena Tradizionale. It’s the Aggazzotti method, incorporated in the PDO production policies today.

Despite Balsamico had been produced in Modena for centuries, Francesco was the first to set the rules and instruction to make a great Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.



Today, after 300 years and 12 generations, the Aggazzotti family continues to manage their own Acetaie, in the same places chosen by Stefano in the 18th century and where Francesco wrote the famous letter. We try to follow the same values, respecting the tradition and directions of our ancestors.

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